Monday, March 30, 2009

Gardner rough cut

Jennie Eng and I made this rough cut of our video on a beautiful day in Boston. The Isabella Stewart Gardner heist is an exciting topic-mobsters, theft, intrigue-so I'm excited to put it all together!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Testing testing

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Portland, OR

On my whirlwind trips during Boston University's spring break, Portland wrapped up the week. Although I was tired and time-change addled, I fell in love with the city right away. Hipsters, bikes, vegetarian places and cute little stores abound throughout the city. They even have the nation's largest independent bookstore. Now that is heaven!

I hope my visual overview of the city entices you just a little, too!

[NOTE this is not my original Portland show, as you can probably tell. Next time, I'll save the good one to my thumb drive that is not 5 years old and crummy. Updated and snazzier Portland show to come, if just for my own enjoyment and because I want it to be like the one I did before!]

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Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado is considered one of the premier outdoor venues for concerts and events in the nation. I got to enjoy a visit on my first time ever to visit Denver, Colorado with family. As I stood on top of the steep stairs leading to the stage, I knew that I had to come back sometime soon to see a concert under the stars!

It was interesting for me jumping into this project, especially since I tried to use my recorder from the stone age and brain from the print age. Hence, interviews did not make it through the technology process, but now I'm excited to do something much more informative and full of people after seeing some of the work my classmates have done.

Until next time!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Incredibly awkward Sam Yoon YouTube Video released Tuesday

Sam Yoon posted this video on his site today.

Watch it...take it in...

My first reaction was I MUST TWITTER ABOUT THIS. Then I realized Sam Yoon is following me on Twitter, and I really don't want to hurt his feelings.

Sam Yoon, from a new media standpoint, I think this was a failed attempt. However, fellow mayoral candidates Kevin McCrea and Michael Flaherty's videos were no viral gold either.

A few points:

Time: Four Minutes and thirty seconds is pushing it if you want someone to sit and watch your video. Keep it short, keep it simple and please do not try to fill your entire platform in there Councilor!

Content: At this point, I feel that an introductory video would have been more appropriate. Not everyone reads the Phoenix or plug The Daily Free Press, or any newspaper or blog for that matter. Who ARE you?

To tell the truth, it was a bit of a disaster, shameless JFK quote and all.

Next time, I expect more. [This goes for you too, McCrea and Flaherty!] Snag a snazzy, new media savvy, BU Film student to intern for you, and all will be well.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Night in the Life of Vivian Ho, part deux

Well, today I discovered how frustrating being a member of many new media sites can be. I both forgot my password to my flickr, and also apparently put incorrect recall information in if that did ever happened! Oops.

So, here is the 'Photoshopped' version of my photo story from my new flickr. I ended up using because the old Photoshop I was trying to use went haywire. Although it is less professional, it does have many fun features that someday I'll procrastinate with, I'm sure.


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