Friday, February 13, 2009

Mike Ross strikes again, and looks to enforce college student housing ban

Boston City Council's week focused a lot on issues that will affect the college population-directly and indirectly- this week.

Sadly, I did not make it the meetings, but a reporter for the DFP was there experiencing the circus in my stead.

First of all, Rep. Vinny deMarco (R-Plymouth) is still really against the sale of the drug salvia.

Check out the update on the war on legality of salvia here.

Most importantly, Mike Ross' wants to enforce his prohibition of more than four unrelated undergraduate students living together off campus. It was passed in March 2008, but implementation has been sketchy at best reportedly.

A new ordinance, if passed, would force universities to report violators' names to the city.

Check out more details on the latest development of Mike Ross' housing restrictions on undergrads here.

This crusade against undergrads is kind of ironic when you consider he represents large amounts of BU and Northeastern students.

Here is an article from his second reelection in 2001-the headline is
"With Students' aid, unopposed Ross reelected"

However, many residents of Allston-Brighton are really for the ordinance because student residents drive up rental prices.

I'm biased, so I should probably present the other side of the Allston student/non-student conflict via a great AB Google group that I frequent daily.

and the conflict continues daily....


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